Latest books!

1) NEW! Here's a fresh new look of joy and its deeply Divine potential. 

The powers of joy have become more revealed as we get closer to the time of Redemption. Simcha can literally change the nature of a deep crisis. But simcha is not just about resolving my misery, my problem.

Joy broadens our horizons so that we see ourselves as part of a collective. Can we be truly happy when someone down the street is miserable? Only when we have a perfectly happy world will we finally be at peace. 
Joy has a historic role and mission, and we are all players in the journey of joy that began in the bliss of Gan Eden and will take us to an even greater, everlasting joy. And how do we get there? With simcha. 

So what can we do? Study simcha to discover its powers; practice simcha. Read NEW JOY - it's packed with content and strategies.

By being extra joyous now, we become players in the journey of joy that began with the bliss of the Garden of Eden and will take us to an even greater, everlasting joy. 

A special feature in this book is its comprehensive joy exposé. Joy discussions generally focus on unhappiness. No one really knows what happiness is!
Pure. Genuine. True. Authentic. Is there any meaning to these labels? Rather than dissect unhappiness, it is refreshing and timely to tune into authentic joy, to uncover its many dimensions and layers, each bringing us closer to its essence. It's time to discover joy in its full glory.  

2)  There's only one way to survive this turbulent world. Laugh! Laugh at life, and most importantly —  at yourself! Don't take yourself so seriously.

The world needs more simchah. We can become more joyous   and we must. But, is it possible? We're barely able to keep our heads above the water. 

Can we actually change the way we deal with life? 

The answer is a resounding "Yes!" We can become more upbeat by inviting humor — and its co-conspirator, laughter — into our lives! Laughter and humor are the twin engines that keep joy aloft.

Humor and laughter work. Let's laugh together and learn to make our lives, and the world, more joyous.


"Unfortunately, life is replete with problems. It's Okay to Laugh provides us with the means to overcome these hurdles and proceed to make our lives productive — and even enjoyable." —Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.

A witty, refreshing and highly appealing case for more humor in our day-today existence, It's Okay to Laugh is both an academic's treatise and a layman's manual, spilling over with gentle wisdom and mind-tickling witticisms. Highly intelligent — and lots of fun. —Yitta Halberstam, Co-author of the Small Miracles series